1.Wrong notes.

2.Wrong rhythm (rhythm taken in its most basic definition as relative time values of notes)

3.Wrong accents.

4.Wrong movements.

5.Playing at the edge of the keys

6.Reaching for the notes with the fingers, rather than let the arms move the fingers into position.

7.Using unnecessary muscles movements.

8.Thinking that relaxation is the key, when actually it has nothing to do with relaxation (relax completely and you will fall to the floor).

9.Long nails.

10.Misaligned joints.

11.Bad posture.

12.Wrong dynamics.

13.Wrong pedaling.

14.Wrong practice.

15.Being too impatient and trying pieces you are not ready for.

16.Being too shy and sticking to only easy pieces you know you can play.

17.Not following a teacher’s advice (at least to see if what he says is true or not).

18.Forgetting to breathe – and most times wrong breathing.

19.Grimacing unnecessarily, and thinking that this adds “emotion” to your playing.

20.Curling fingers too much.

21.Flattening fingers too much.

22.Wrong fingering.

23.Changeable fingering (that is using a different fingering every time you play the same passage).

24.Not tuning the piano frequently.

25.Not using a metronome in the appropriate circumstances.

26.Using the metronome in inappropriate circumstances.

27.Not taking care of your overall physical fitness.

28.Wrong diet.

29.Wrong lifestyle.

30.Hanging around with the wrong crowd.

31.Believing you will be able to get by without a teacher just by reading/listening to CD'S/watching videos and surfing the net.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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