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Australian Music Examinations Board
Theory of Music

Grade 1
Lesson 1 Notes
Lesson 2 The Stave or Staff
Lesson 3 Treble Lines and Spaces
Lesson 4 Bass Lines and Spaces
Lesson 5 Dots, Ties and Slurs
Lesson 6 Rests and Leger Lines
Lesson 7 Semitones, Tones and Accidentals
Lesson 8 Simple Duple and Simple Triple Time
Lesson 9 Simple Quadruple Time and the Anacrusis
Lesson 10 Grouping of Notes and Rest
Lesson 11 C Major Scale
Lesson 12 G and F Major Scales
Lesson 13 Intervals
Lesson 14 Tonic Triads
Lesson 15 Transposition
Lesson 16 Terms and Signs

Grade 2
Lesson 8 Transposition
Lesson 9 Binary and Ternary Form
Lesson 10 Accents in Verse

Grade 3
Lesson 1 Technical names of the scale degrees and E major scale
Lesson 2 Major scales of B flat, E flat and A flat
Lesson 3 The primary triads
Lesson 4 Triads in first inversion
Lesson 5 Minor scales of C and G
Lesson 6 2 2, 3 2 and 3 8 time
Lesson 7 9 8 time, the duplet and dotted notes
Lesson 8 Chords in four-part vocal style
Lesson 9 Perfect cadences
Lesson 10 Plagal cadences
Lesson 11 Making a rhythm pattern
Lesson 12 Writing a melody to a given rhythm
Lesson 13 Piano style
Lesson 14 Rondo form
Lesson 15 Transposition
Lesson 16 Terms and signs

Grade 4
Lesson 1-5
* Imperfect Cadences (I-V and IV-V)
* Major scales up to six sharps
* Secondary triads and more imperfect cadences (II-V and VI-V)
* Major scales up to six flats
* The interrupted cadence

Lesson 6-7
* Chromatic and diatonic semitones, double sharps & double flats, aug/dim intervals
* Inversion of intervals

Lesson 8 First inversion triads in four-part harmony

Lesson 9-10
* Minor scales up to four sharps
* Minor scales up to five flats

Lesson 11 Simple and compound time introducing 6 4 and 12 8
Lesson 12 Modulation in melody
Lesson 13 Longer pieces of harmony
Lesson 14 Writing an 8-bar melody to a given rhythm
Lesson 15 Baroque suite movements and ornaments
Lesson 16 Setting a verse to music
Lesson 17 Clef, stringed instruments, Italian terms
Lesson 18 Syncopation, definition and terms

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